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Comedy, Philanthropy and Being a Mom, Joanie Does it All: A Recovery Comedy Interview
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Joanie knew early on she was destined for a successful career in the entertainment business. She won California State Drama Festival awards in High School, was sought out for mentoring by esteemed acting coaches like Lynette Katselas, Nina Foch and Jered Barclay, and was a shining star at Harvey Lembecks Comedy Workshop for five years. Then moving on to two years at The Groundlings, where she cultivated her live stage “perky” persona, for the standup comedy portion of her career. All the while attending the University of Southern California where she obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Broadcast Management/Journalism School; minor in Theatre Arts; and Certificate of Completion in Political Science.

After graduation, an internship with nationally syndicated TV show “Hour Magazine”, then being personal assistant to movie mogul M.J. Frankovich for 2 years; years of theater performances, booking comics at one-nighters in and around L.A., on-camera talent in dozens of national commercials including Toyota, Pearl Vision, Alaska Airlines; voiceovers, movie roles, and more, Joanie began to tour nationally and perform solo at colleges, casino’s, and comedy clubs; as seen on A & E’s “Evening at the Improv” three times, Lifetime’s “Girls’ Night Out”, MTV’s “Half Hour Comedy Hour”, etc. The Ice House Comedy Club is where the producers of ABC’s “The Drew Carey Show” saw her, and cast her as Faith, President of the Optimists Club, for a recurring role in their series. This led to more roles in movies for Disney, Touchstone, and so on. Joanie also co-hosted “Why Didn’t I Think of That” with Wil Shriner on ABC, and guested on many other series and pilots. In addition Joanie’s perky persona was perfect for audience warm-up jobs on such television shows as “Will & Grace”, “Just Shoot Me”, “Frasier”, “My Big Fat Greek Life”, “Evening Shade”, “Hearts of Fire”, etc., all the way back to two years on “Blossom”. Joanie has always worked, and has a well-rounded background in many aspects of the television and film industries; comedy club and theater businesses.

Joanie’s most proud moment was when she became a mom. After a break in work to care for her baby, she was inspired to create a show for other moms, or actually, anyone who has or knows a family. Joanie then birthed the nationally touring hit comedy show 3 Blonde Moms…See How They Run!, and aside from hundreds of theater bookings to date, 3 Blonde Moms has appeared on E!, CMT; was “hit of the festival” and “most buzzworthy” in The Hollywood Reporter and Daily Variety at Montreal’s Just For Laughs Festival; resume’ includes dozens of local radio/television shows, and newspaper articles; and brand moves into film and television development at this time. Over a ten year span, Joanie has worn marketing, publicity, booking, casting, directing, writing, video editing for in show and promotional materials, and more, hats, for this unique and special hybrid show, combining audio visual with original scripting, a triologue, and tales from the ‘burbs from three distinct and unique points of view. Plus Joanie stars as Perky Mom in her show. She is a hard worker, who has provided many jobs and much income for many, over time.

In addition to providing jobs for others, Joanie is a seriously committed philanthropist. She has used her solo talents and the 3 Blonde Moms brand, to raise thousands of dollars and awareness for groups such as Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospitals, breast cancer’s Save the Tata’s, The Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation, The Amanda Foundation for our furry friends, Harvest for Hunger, and 3 Blonde Moms was invited to perform at The Greek Theatre in their Hurricane Katrina fundraising event. Her and her family are passionate about doing all they can to help those in need. In fact her daughter at 7 began Kids 4 Japan after the tsunami and The Endangered Animals Club at her elementary school, a year prior. So aside from being a success in her career and a very accomplished person, she is one proud mama, first and foremost.

Joanie also speaks on using laughter to heal and has an uplifting message, at recovery home shows and conventions.

Recovery Comedy: What were you like as a kid? 

Joanie: Fun, lots of energy, dramatic, curious, and in wonder.

Recovery Comedy: What made you decide to become a stand-up comedian and how long have you been performing? 

Joanie: I saw Joan Rivers when I was a teen, and it clicked. Plus I watched Carol Burnett on TV as a kid, and The Monkee's, always knowing that's what I was drawn to - FUNNY. Then I always made kids laugh in school; won drama festival awards, etc.

Recovery Comedy: Were you performing stand-up comedy before you got into recovery? 

Joanie: Yes.

Recovery Comedy: Does your comedy have a message and if so what is it? 

Joanie: Depending on the show and it's purpose, message is we need to take care of ourselves (as parents, or friends, etc.) so we can take care of everyone else. We're worth it. Here for a reason. We all go through similar things, though we might not think so, and with humor and a sense of purpose; staying open; learning - we can get through them. Keep moving forward. They are just feelings, or experiences, if for no other reason, we can be an example to someone else. This too shall pass, and it always does.

Recovery Comedy: Who are your comedy idols? 

Joanie: Carol Burnett, Tim Conway, Joan Rivers, Rosalind Russell in Auntie Mame. Lucy. I think Kathy Griffin is funny, though not the style of standup I engage in, she has a specific niche and it works. Kevin James is always funny. I love Woody Allen movies. Don Rickles and Lisa Lampanelli are (offensively) funny. Steve Martin I love. Sam Kinison was brilliant. Kat Williams makes me laugh, and Jaime Fox is a brilliant actor, and funny comic. I have broad range and eclectic tastes. The other idols are not famous, but there are many.

Recovery Comedy: Where does your inspiration for material come from? 

Joanie: Life.

Recovery Comedy: What is your joke writing process? 

Joanie: Live it then write it then bring it to the stage.

Recovery Comedy: What is your kryptonite? 

Joanie: Thieves, judgmental people, back stabbers, saboteurs, bigots, sexists, ageists, and the like. Haters.

Recovery Comedy: Is your family supportive of your comedy career?

Joanie: Yes.

Recovery Comedy: Is comedy part of your healing process? 

Joanie: Most definitely. I also speak on the healing powers of comedy. Physically, spiritually, emotionally. My sense of humor and laughter, seeing irony in things, has gotten me through a lot. Being able to speak about things on stage is therapeutic.

Recovery Comedy: What was your worst experience performing comedy? 

Joanie: Heckled relentlessly on stage in the early years by 1000 drunk sailors and patrons in San Diego. Getting so upset, I got on freeway going wrong way home, and ended up in Mexico.

Recovery Comedy: What was your best experience performing comedy?

Joanie: Not enough room here to tell all, but connecting with people, seeing heads nod in audience, hearing they felt better after a show - renewed. Always best.

Recovery Comedy: What is your favorite joke?

Joanie: I don’t know any jokes. LOL

Recovery Comedy: What is your comedy dream? 

Joanie: To be able to do this in one form or another...forever. :)

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