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Ever Wanted to Publish Your Own Book? Don’t Start until You’ve Read Guy Kawasaki’s New Book!
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APE Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur: How to Publish a Book

APE stands for Author, Publisher and Entrepreneur.  These are just some of the many hats that you will need to wear as one person publishing company.  Guy Kawasaki (famous author, entrepreneur etc…) has teamed up with another well known author, Shawn Welch to fill a much needed niche in the publishing world and they are not pulling any punches.  This book is packed with all the information and scary truths you will need to know in order to make that book that's rattling inside your head a reality. 

First off, self-publishing isn’t easy and it will take a lot of work, but with the help of Guy’s new book much of the legwork of researching where to go and who to contact has been done for you.  This book will be your one stop resource for every stage of publishing your own book (except the writing part, sorry you’ll need to do that yourself).  Guy goes into much detail in his personable and entertaining style.  This book is not some boring how to manual and I found myself laughing out loud at points.  If you get the eBook you’ll also find some hilarious links to some really good websites. 

Now, I bet your wondering why a blog about recovery and comedy is doing a book review about self-publishing.  It’s actually very simple.  One thing we’ve seen at Recovery Comedy is the huge number of stories out there from our amazing comedians about their lives before and after recovery.  Also, at the various shows we do we’re always approached by audience members who have book worthy stories about their struggles with addictions and what they did to overcome these.  When I said that publishing your own book would be hard, it is nowhere near as hard as getting into recovery and staying there.  That’s the hardest part and you’ve already done it or you wouldn’t be reading this.  Now is the time to take the next step of the journey.  Get off your butt and start sharing your story! 

You can find out more about the book by visiting http://apethebook.com

Watch the video below to see what it takes to publish a novel and how so many of us get it wrong.

Here is a short video explaining APE - How to Publish a Book: Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur