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The Top Reasons Why Recovery Comedy is Important to You!
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“Someday we’ll laugh about this.” That’s the phrase that everyone says right in the middle of a bad situation.  It’s supposed to make everyone feel better and provide comfort.  Sometimes it works and sometimes it really pisses people off.  However, there is so much truth to the statement.  Laughing about something that was once so painful is a real way to finally say goodbye to pain or at the very least cope with it.  Healing is something that takes time, but when you are healed you can share your story and say that you’ve been through hell and lived to talk about it. 

Recovery Comedy is about recovery and laughter and is a testament to the healing process.  The comedians of the RecoveryComedy.com Site have had some crazy adventures, which we’re sure many of you will relate to.  When we are able to find laughter in something painful we get to share a little of that strength.  Some people think that recovery and comedy don’t go together and we couldn’t disagree more.  Comedy is about making a connection.  The best comedy happens when you are sitting in the audience at a show and the comedian says something funny and you suddenly realize that you aren’t the only one in the world who has had that particular crazy thought or experience! You feel a resonance and you feel less alone. 

Laughter is also way to foster community and inspire others to take those first healing steps.  Have you ever seen or heard those stories of gymnasts who despite having been injured, go up for their portion of the competition and give it everything they’ve got, and no matter what the result the whole crowd is on their feet cheering and crying?  What gets us so emotional is that resonance with our indestructible human spirit.  We see someone being remarkable and we feel a part of ourselves that also has the capacity to be remarkable.  Just look at movies like Rocky, The Karate Kid or countless other films where someone is getting back up into the fight despite all the odds being against him or her.  Well, recovery comedy, when done right is no less powerful than those gymnasts with broken legs.  Recovery Comedians have their own spiritual injuries and they are going up on stage to complete that amazing, complicated routine that takes every ounce of courage they’ve got.  They work through the pain so that we as an audience can see the world through someone else’s eyes and see that we are not all that different.  Recovery Comedians win the gold, which is not only applause from the audience, but also an affirmation of healing from a pain that was once so great that it completely derailed their lives.   

Recovery Comedy is stories from stand-up comedians that will make you laugh and might make you cry.  They are true tales from the dark side that will give a light of hope and reaffirm that this is a beautiful life we are all living and that every moment is precious.  We can’t ever forget how important that is.  Of course through seeing these comedians at your next 12 Step Event you might also realize that you weren’t as messed up as you thought you were and that there are so many things that people can do once they have taken addiction out of their lives.  The path that these recovery comedians have chosen is sacred and valuable.  Their choice was to walk a not always pleasant path and get up on stage night after night speaking their truths and making us laugh.  Comedy isn’t easy, but recovery is even harder. 

Recovery Comedians are storytellers who give us their own unique view on life from observations about a recovering addict’s house still having spoons with burn marks on the bottom to helpful signs that you may have relapsed (you start wetting the bed……… from the hallway).  Recovery Comedy is part inspirational and sometimes dark, but within that dark cloud lays a dented silver lining. 

We feel lucky to be able to work with all of these amazing comedians who both inspire us and make us piss our pants with laughter.  It is a rare community of people who are driven by a need to get up on stage night after night and relive these stories of recovery and show everyone that they are ok. 

We at Recovery Comedy help connect these comedians to conventions, organizations and possibly to you, right now as you read this.  We all need to find a connection and we could all use a little laughter to ease the pain and show that someday also; we can all laugh about this.

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